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上海転勤 5周年 / Transfer to Shanghai 5th Anniversary

a plane 五年前的今天,我搬家了到上海了。所以除了老家,这里就是我住在最长的地方。 I’ve transferred to Shanghai just 5 years ago. Now, except for my home town, here is the place where I’ve ever lived in for the longest. ちょうど5年前の今日、…

朋有り遠方より来る 亦クラブに行く乎 / one of my friends at a night club

A friend of mine paid visit me and told me take him to a club. However he was scared of laowai ladies. lol 日本から再び訪ねて来てくれた友人を本人の希望通りクラブに連れて行ったら、魔都上海のガチの不良西洋人の群れにビビって10分で撤退の図wwww