Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu (明けましておめでとうございます)

I hope that the New Year finds you in good health and happiness.

My last year is a regaining year. I true to the proverb that you must think in the case you are winning, I decide 5 objectives:

  • T0EIC 800
  • Chugokugo kentei pre-level 4
  • Read 6 pending papers
  • Revising-less Drawing
  • Gain 2 kg w/o increasing body fat

By including concrete figures, I made compromise hard and individually attack break easy. For comparison, my objective for 27 y/o is,

  • Midorimushi-kei Megane Danshi



  • T○EIC 800点
  • 中検 準5級
  • 積読論文を6通解消
  • やり直し箇所0の図面
  • 体脂肪を増やさずに体重2kg増