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Moving overseas & trip abroad combo was going to kill me / 海外旅行と海外引越のコンボで死ぬかと思った 3 HIT

 Gotten the boxes, I started to pack my items.

 According to detail of note for moving to China, the custom and censorship for moving luggage is much stricter than that for carry-on items. First, either second-hand or for personal use, furniture and home electronics are applied 10% custom as new ones. Therefore I decided to going to hand-carry my HDD, video game machine, air cleaner and cabinet. I'll disassemble the cabinet and carry as "some ornaments and paperweight". But for some hand-carried parts, they won't work as a cabinet, it won't be to send a furniture. Regarding censorship, not only books about Chinese politics but also magazines containing photograph of idols wearing swim ware are to be burned, I sorted carefully my books.

 I came to feel like a smuggler.

 The luggage are to be shipped in one month. However, I will transfer in first week of May, then I can get luggage soon after I began to live in the case I sent them in first term of April! If I moved my room out and go to trip simultaneously, there're no waste! O.K.!!!! Perfect!!!!

 There're 6 days before moving out and departure! T

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