Moving overseas & trip abroad combo was going to kill me / 海外旅行と海外引越のコンボで死ぬかと思った 4 HIT

 I cannot finish packing. There are something to think; in order of priority

  1. 1箱は25キログラムまで / every box are up to 25 kg
  2. 揺さぶられても大丈夫 / withstand shock and shake
  3. 無駄な隙間が少ない / less dead space
  4. 荷解きがしやすい / easy to unpack
  5. Invoiceが書きやすいように同種のものはまとめる / put same kind items together to make invoice smartly

 Considering to unpack, it's very a puzzle. Simultaneously, the volume of items which I want to leave at my home is increasing. Can I pile them in my small car...?

 4 days and 10 hours before moving out! T

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