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Moving overseas & trip abroad combo was going to kill me / 海外旅行と海外引越のコンボで死ぬかと思った 8 HIT

 Didn't sleep so much. I started counting leftover of my time. Kuronekoyamato will come 16:00 on 4th, agency will come to check same time, I will leave here 6:00 on 5th, etc.

 I went to dentist to get a small-tooth cavity treated; consumed 2 hours. Because it's frustrating I cannot exercise my right of vote, I went to the government office to remove my certificate of residence; consumed 3 hours.
 Moreover I, of all things, consumed half day for Mobile Number Portability. Today I did Keitai-Kojiki*1...! While I come to be able to cancel the 2-year contract of my cellphone today, I would be nuts to think about earning a little extra spending money then in spite of my extremely busy schedule….!

 42 hours before finishing packing! T

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*1:An action to get mobile phone only to earn rebate.