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近未来都市上海で中華を食す / Ate Chinese at the near feature city SH

Viewing from the window of my hotel, skyscrapers line up over the air pollution. On the road, most of two wheels are electric motorcycle and there are pirated DVDs that a street vendor lights by white LED. Clerks are playing games on their smart phones needless to say at local stores but also at a European or American supermarket. There are the near feature city like the set of AKIRA or Blade Runner on Shanghai in 2013. Though I haven't watched Blade Runner.

Bakery are cheap and delicious, after all, Chinese restaurant are so good. The restaurant I went to on the first evening was so excellent. 4 dishes for 2 people cost 60 RMB (c.a. 7.4 EUR).

In any case, I arrived safely.