Shopping style in China / 中国での買い物の流儀

 夜、USB-mini USBbケーブルをケータイ修理屋で買おうとしたら、45元(約720円)とふっかけてきやがった。値切ったら30元(約480円)になったが、それでも腹一杯の中華料理と同額ってどういうことだよ…。
This evening, the owner of mobile-repair shop overcharged me; 45 RMB (c.a. 5.6 EUR) for USB-miniUSBb cable. He discounted it to 30 RMB (~3.7 EUR) after negotiation, however, it was same price with big and excellent Chinese....

His behavior remind me of the style of shopping here. Ya, "Don't pay attention to the price stated by the shopkeeper. Shopping will start after he/she got angry." T