Movie review: Big Hero 6 (2015, USA) / 映画感想:ベイマックス(2015、米)

It was the very Disney animation film. The musical part which characters suddenly start singing is the rest for perfect.
The measure for parents controls is completed. Any blood, knife, gun, parts of body inner than elbow and knee of women and any foods to be stronger are never drown! Moreover, the perfect balance among gender and race are there.
The characters aren't described by face but symbol color and shape; the scene changes every 15-20 minutes; these things show Disney knows children's ability to concentrate and to recognize inside out. Hence I suggest an adult person to correct this film through your brain like "There're no pattern on this mask actually." or "It's been about a month though there aren't any instruction." to reduce your feeling of strangeness!
On the other hand, the picture of background may be interesting for an adult. It's the stereotype "Tokyo imagined by Americans" but reformed for Japanese : I felt as if I visit "A deformed near-future city in Asia". It cannot be fantasy if a Japanese shoots.
The camera works and effects are on the premise of watching 3D. It serves you right to piraters*1!
The notable point regarding the scenario is that Baymax who didn't have feelings showed humanness at the end. He is comical and tender at a glance, however it’s no more than one of functions of machine. But he (?) gave over his memory disc to Hiro to be regenerated and meet Hiro again by before he died. Was this originated from his self-preserving instinct or to alleviate psychological damage on Hiro? Since the former means he didn't become like a human but forge his self-identity, I'm a bit worried if the sequel would be a Sci-Fi movie about the war between man kind against robot like "Terminator" or "Matrix".
ターミネーター(日本語吹替完全版)コレクターズ・ブルーレイBOX(初回生産限定) [Blu-ray] マトリックス スペシャル・バリューパック (3枚組)(初回限定生産) [Blu-ray]
The film title in Japan is "Baymax". It's good naming to conjures its contents which has revised from the original Mavel comic. *2

[rakuten:book:16906514:image] マトリックス [ キアヌ・リーヴス ]
ちなみに、原題は「Big hero 6」です。「Frozen」とか「The body」とかいう短すぎてよく分からない原題が「アナと雪の女王」とか「スタンド・バイ・ミー」という内容を想起しやすい邦題になったのと逆ですね。6人それぞれがちゃんと主役の原作コミックスは日本ではほぼ無名なので、「ビッグヒーロー6」とはならなかったんでしょう。しかし、同様に原作は知られて無いであろう中国語版でも題は「超能陸戦隊*5」。それでよかったのだろうか。T

スタンド・バイ・ミー【Blu-ray】 [ ウィル・ウィートン ] アナと雪の女王 MovieNEX ブルーレイ+DVDセット


*2:"Frozen" was changed to "Anna and Queen of Snow(アナと雪の女王)", too.
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