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before 6 pm is never overtime work in Japan

朝日新聞社Yahoo!ニュースの共同企画:連載「平成家族」(2) news.yahoo.co.jp

在东京上班的一个38岁的男人。因为他要去接小孩,所以他要6点下班。6点!不是5点还是6点!其他都7点。 在日本跟孩子生活使你做孩子的便当,理所当然地加班,家庭工作包括分别垃圾。婆婆奶奶都有自己的生活。请阿姨?要花七八千元啊。

Story about a 38-year-old man working in Tokyo: He leaves office 6 o'clock when he needs to pick his children up at the daycare. Six o'clock! Not 5 but 6! Of course, 7 o'clock for other days. To rise up a child in Japan means to cook for lunch box, to work overtime, to do housework including to sort garbage. Hiring maid or asking their parents for help are very rare.