Aiguoxin (爱国心) vs. patriot in Hongkong

What is happening in Hongkong is the clash of aiguoxin (爱国心) and patriotism. Occasionally aiguoxin is translated to patriotism, but in reality, aiguoxin consists of patriotism and loyalty.
In the mainland China, people are obliged to have patriotism and loyalty for their government. The education curriculum of aiguoxin starts before they enter primary school. There’s no opportunity to have doubt about the loyalty*1. On the other hand, the people in Hongkong were brought up without these educations and got different common sense. They have only the patriotism as their spontaneous feeling for the area they grew up*2. I want to translate this “patriotism” as “aixiangxin (爱乡心)”.
The conflict came to the surface as the scene in Hongkong now. The protest demonstration to the extradition bill is caused by their "patriotism". The motivation of protesters is the feeling to keep their environment: this is their patriotism. The people in mainland blame the protesters for missing of loyalty which “Chinese people” must have in addition to patriotism, but precisely the protesters couldn't have had it.
In a nutshell, the clash in Hongkong is the clash of common sense.



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*1:Ideologies are commonly used to unite a country. I’ll never criticize any government.

*2:The loyalty is not a spontaneous feeling. Other examples of spontaneous feeling are the feeling for your girl/boyfriend, song or sports. The reason you like these object wouldn't be any education.