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日本の政党をM: t. Gの色で表わすと / Liken Japan's political parties to the colors in Magic: The Gathering


 自由民主党:白 回復や相手の動きを封じることにかけては随一・勝てば官軍
 民主党:黒 攻撃の際に自分のライフやクリーチャーを犠牲にすることが多い・白のアンチテーゼ
 公明党:青 ライブラリ操作やドローを得意とする・白か黒と組んでいやらしさを発揮
 日本共産党:赤 攻撃には定評がある・白および青とは相容れない
 環境政党:緑 マナやクリーチャーは豊富・目下、日本国内では該当なし(旧さきがけや大地が近い?)
 無所属:アーティファクト 色で分類し難い・特定の場面で存在感を発揮

I try to compare political parties in Japan(as of Jul. 2009) with the colors in Magic: The Gathering. We can say that "Life" is "money", "damaging" is "grilling", "mana" is "approval", "deal" is "vote", and "creature" is "assembly member".

Liberal Democratic Party: White - When it comes to recovery and preventing acts, they top the list; Might is right.
Democratic Party of Japan: Black - Their life and/or creatures is victimized frequently when attack; The antitheses of White.
New Komeito: Blue - They are good at library manipulation or drawing; Their odiousness is demonstrated by joining with White or Black.
Japan Communist Party: Red - They have reputation for attack; Incompatible with White and Blue.
Ecologist Party: Green - There are rich mana and creatures; Not applicable in japan at present (former Sakigake or Daichi are similar to?).
Independent: Artifact - They are difficult to distinguish by the colors; Their presence was exerted in a specific occasion.
Happiness Realization Party : Joke cards.

The current ruling parties are the White/Blue deck of solid defense. Could win the Black splashed Artifacts? Maybe we would see White/Black/Blue deck after 1 game. T