Iron Chef event in office! / 铁厨大赛活动在公司! / 社内料理コンテスト!

 An event Iron Chef was held in my company. The participants would be divided into trios which made up of one teacher chef and two student chefs. The teacher chef would provide recipes of one dish and one dessert from the motherland and torios would cook them. Foreign Legion and employees who good at cooking were to be teacher chefs, and I would join from the category Japanese. With Okonomiyaki the cuisine which I used to cooking and Dorayaki the Japanese sweet which famous in China via Doraemon, let's entry!
 社内料理コンテストその名もIron Chef(中国語では铁厨*1が開かれた。参加者は一人の先生役と二人の生徒役との三人組に分けられ、先生役が出身地の料理とデザートのレシピを伝授しながら組でそれを作る、というもの。外人部隊や料理の得意な社員が先生役で、私は日本人枠で出ることになった。作り慣れているお好み焼きと、ドラえもんを通じて中国で有名な和菓子、どら焼きとでいざ参戦!

Real Japanese chef?! / 和の鉄人?!

China team brought real Chinese seasonings I've never seen before. / さすが本場の中国チーム、見たことのない調味料がずらり。

Allez cuisine! / 調理開始!

On the floor / 会場の様子
 Since the participants including tasters were over 60 peoples, I was so busy baking. The Okonomiyaki was enough popular to be sold out until reaching to the tasting table, I succeeded to transfer how to cook "Konamon" to the student chefs, I hope I could convey Japanese culture.
 On the other hand, I keenly felt the lack of practice for Dorayaki. Because of a crucial mistake that absence of spatula, I could bake successfully few cake part of it.

This's the Okonomiyaki! / これがお好み焼きだ!

 But, I didn't win the contest. I know, the excuse that rivals were too strong is ungraceful. However, You had better consider reproducibility at home and economic performance! (ressentiment) Especially Malaysia team, what is the fried whole club, hey!? I cannot guess your daily table!
 しかし、コンテストには入賞ならず。ええ、敵が強すぎた、という言い訳が見苦しいのは分かっている。しかしだ、皆もっとご家庭での再現性や経済性に配慮しましょうや!(恨み節) マレーシアチームの蟹の丸ごと揚げたヤツとか何それ!日々の食卓どんななの?!

What...? / 何…だと!?

Don! / ドン!

Ddon! / ドドン!

Ggggg... / ゴゴゴゴゴ…

Dooon! / ドーーーン!

 I expected so since they have said "We need special cornstarch for tortilla. (Mexico)" "Can I buy deer? Could you please negotiate with Shanghai Zoo? lol (France)" at a meeting. In that sense, Chinese dumplings cooked by one of China torios was naturally perfect! I have nothing on them without real chefs....

Give me a fucking break. / やれやれだぜ

 I got unexpected fruits too. Firstly, I had lots chance to speak Chinese lol. And I was acutely aware of the importance of production plan calculated from delivery time. One more, I obtained hint to help and to learn the work. It is as might be expected, however, to make the goal, purpose and question clear are essential! You would hold this event to recognize me of those things...That's our Pres.!
 思わぬ収穫もあった。まず中国語が沢山喋れた(笑)。そして、納期から逆算される生産計画の重要さを思い知った。また仕事の手伝い方、習い方のヒントも得られた。当たり前すぎるけど、目的、目標、不明点、をはっきりさせることは必須! それを認識させるためにもこの企画を…流石は社長!

Pres. came. You are our big boss! / 社長降臨。あんたが大将!

 As a final note, I up loaded my recipe for Okonomiyaki international ver. into COOKPAD, please access the page if you're interested in.
お好み焼き / Okonomiyaki [クックパッド] 簡単おいしいみんなのレシピが158万品]