Re: A Foreign CEO Tells Non-Native Speakers Why Your English Is Much Better Than You Think | LinkedIn

One of our bosses shared this link to his persons. Yes, this article is good and right, but I had different thought because of three reasons.

First, I learned some ideas in China; 自彊不息; 止于至善; 卧薪尝胆. All of them mean "Exert myself constantly, never satisfied with who as I am".

Second, it easy to explain once you chat with me in Mandarin. It's the case: what impression an "acceptable level talk" gives native speakers. 如你听过我说的中文,说明这个事情更简单。应该感觉没有依靠,或者不能让我充分理解然后觉得很着急。另一方向,我看/写汉语比较好,所以邮件或微信上跟我聊聊的时候你肯定认为我的水平还可以。反过来考虑我用英文的时候的话,我放不下心我的英文迫使对方有些妥协。

Third, I like rhetoric jokes. I'm very irritated when I couldn't express my joke correctly. I feel sorry when I prevent him/her from saying a joke due to my English ability.

Hence, I don't want be satisfied with just conveying my thought.